THERMAL INSULATION / Refrigeration unit


Our company is producing any type of insulation for panelvans and platform trucks.

General characteristics:

sandwich walls with glueing by vacuum pressing, made of high density extruded polystyrene and laminated alimentary fiberglass.

the walls habe the backside made of alimentary fiberglass as well for a better resistance.
the fiberglass is especially reinforced anti-breaking and it is alimentary approved.

with the modern joining manner by glueing by vacuum pressing and with the structural and bicomponent adhesives, the structure is perfectly sealed and it presents a high resistance in time.

the entire insulation is made in the form of a kit and it can be reinstalled on another vehicle, it is easy to repair in case the vehicle suffered an accident or in case an intervention is needed on the body.

By the execution process of the walls, the loss of value is minimal

Wall thickness: 35 mm, 55 mm, 65 mm for refrigeration thermal insulation (4C – 0C)
85 mm, 105 mm – frosting thermal insulation ( 0C – -20C)

Optionally, for the box we can install: back doors, additional left or right side doors, as well as transparent PVC curtains so that the temperature can be maintained inside during the unloading of the products.

The floor: The floor resistance structure can be made of light aluminium profiles or wooden material with high hardness and resistance in time.

The floor resistance structure is made of tego wood , fiberglass or high quality and resistant bicomponent screed, provided with a drain plug and it can have a PVC carpet for protection. The floor is designed and executed in order to be replaced or repaired in such a way no intervention is needed on the walls as well.

Floor thickness : 55 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm.

Looking for a viable solution for insulation your vehicle?

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