REFRIGERATION INSTALLING / Refrigeration aggregate


Refrigeration aggregate

SAFKAR and EUROFRIGO, but any other aggregate can be applicable on customer’s demand.

SAFKAR is the biggest company in Eastern Europe and Middle East on it`s operations. Since its establishment in 1980s, by developing itself, Safkar has gradually grown and become one of the most important companies of the world to this extent with its products such as air conditioners for buses, midibus, minibus, and refrigerators, air conditioners for underground railways, trolley cars, light rail and trains as well as its products of defense industry and worldwide engineering services. ->

EUROFRIGO, counting on its experience all over the globe, they worked with many key operators of refrigeration vehicles in he world in order to develop innovative solutions for their needs in continuous evolution. EUROFRIGO was founded in 1960.

The refrigeratin aggregates are calculated according to the volumetrical capacity of the pannel van, as well as according to destination:

The refrigeration aggregates are driven by compressor:
with mechanical and electrical drive at 220V and/or 380V
with electrical drive
with mechanical drive from the vehicle engine

Refrigerant : R404A
Refrigerant : R134A

Our company provides on demand:
RAR homologation
Temperature registrator with printer
Electrical air heater

All products and services are accompanied by quality and conformity certificates.

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