REAL TECHNOCAR Targoviste started its activity in 2013 as a service for auto repairs and maintenance and installation of refrigeration systems.

The service is RAR (Romanian Automotive Registry) authorized for:
The production activity of any kind of thermal insulation for panel van
Execution of bodies with refrigeration box or general goods
Bodies with shutters
Installation of tarpaulins and tarpaulin systems
Lifting shutters
Installation of A/C on M1 and N1
Installing refrigeration aggregates
Auto repairs and maintenance activity

We produce any kind of insulation for vans and chassis, it is authorized RAR and warranty vehicles are kept.

Refrigeration aggregates are calculated in accordance with the volumetric capacity of the van, and depending on destination:
Refrigeration, freezing, heating, Defrost

Autp car service – specialized in all types of cars, transporter, truck, semi, rapid diagnosis using computerized testers – service contracts …

Auto Service Targoviste

Real Technocar is one of the largest garages in Targoviste and was founded in 2013 with 100% private capital.

Real Technocar deal with car repairs for a wide range of car brands of which include: Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Opel, Nissan, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, Honda, Dacia etc. both cars and minibuses.

Over the years company specialists Technocar Real have won respect and appreciation to all its customers.

Always for spare parts and repairs service will come into effect in the Real Technocar, you will have the guarantee required by law.

Real Technocar modern technical facilities of which include: elevators, ramps, measurement and control, furnace painted – allow carrying out repair work at high quality standards.



We produce any kind of insulation for vans and chassis. General characteristics: Wall sandwich vacuum bonding press high density extruded polystyrene and fiberglass laminated food and rear walls are all glass fiber ...


Furnish type freezer vans van. Furnish cooler for. refrigeration (freezing). We provide advice for choosing the best solutions. Bodyworks refrigerated vans: Fiat, Iveco, Renault, Ford, Dacia, Peugeot, Volkswagen....

Advantages of working with us


We are among the few offering full services: mechanics, ITP (Periodical Technial Inspetion), carbody reparing-replacing, painting, production of insulations and installation of refrigeration aggregates.


The auto-vehicle guarantee is maintained if the interventions are performed with us.

Car Exchange

We offer refrigeration vehicles in exchange, against cost, during the entire repair period (carbody reparing-replacing, mechanics, refrigeration)

Profesional Team

We have a professional team, with a well trained staff with an extensive experience.

The maintenance and the transport of the products at the ideal temperature – regulated for each product is the result of our team’s work.